2017 USKA World Championship Results

Livingston Karate brought 17 competitors to 2017 United States Karate Alliance World Championships at the Arizona Grand Resort in Phoenix, AZ and came back with 1 Grand Championship Title, 16 World Championship titles, 14- 2nd place awards, 12- 3rd place awards, and 14- 4th place awards. Livingston Karate students competed with the best students in the world and everyone who went placed! Sensei Ray and Becky are so proud of all the competitors! Students competed in traditional divisions such as Kumite (5-point sparring), Kata (traditional forms), Weapons (traditional weapon forms), and Chanbara (padded sword fighting) as well as additional divisions only available at National and World tournaments Continuous Sparring (two 30-sec matches), Ippon Kumite (1-point sparring – must have unanimous vote on point for match), Koshiki (semi-full contact sparring), Team Fighting, and Musical Kata.

Livingston Karate received National Honors at the awards ceremony for the 2016-17 United States Karate Alliance Tournament Season. Livingston Karate Team is ranked 3rd in the Nation out of 180 martial art schools of various styles and has been a top ten school in the USKA for 4 years in a row. Livingston Karate is also the 2nd place team in Louisiana and 1st in Texas. Twenty-four team members were nationally recognized as a top ten competitor in their division. Six team members were recognized as National Kumite Point Champions, four of which additionally earned the title All-American ranking first in both kata and kumite (Wade Bankston, Kade Carter, Joshua Boutwell, Jacob Boutwell), one Young Patriot Award (Christina Kober), and two were selected for the USKA National Team (Sensei Rebecca Effler and Jacob Boutwell). Only the most dedicated students of the martial arts can earn these awards.

Livingston Karate’s most spirited fighter at the World Championships was Mackenzie Boutwell. She competed in all 4-individual fighting divisions after being sidelined for 6 month with a broken arm. She received medical clearance only a day before driving out West and is the World Champion 12-13 Girls Advanced Division in Kumite, Ippon Kumite, Continuous Sparring, and Koshiki. WOW! She is only one of many tough Livingston Karate Ladies.

Livingston Karate is co-hosting an open-style USKA karate tournament “2017 Battle of the South” at Pelican Park/Recreation District in Mandeville, August 26. This tournament is open to all local martial arts schools, soft and hard style. It is an excellent opportunity for good-spirited local competition (see the “2017 Battle of the South” Facebook page or uskaratealliance.com for more information).

A big thanks goes out to our team travel sponsors for helping Livingston Karate get to Phoenix for the World Championships: Viking Plumbing, Southern Bath and Kitchen, Innovative Custom Home Builders, and Pro-Pipe, and also to our awesome Booster Club parents and those who donated to help get our team to this event!

Livingston Karate is located in Park Place Plaza on Frost Road (Hwy 63) behind Family Dollar in Livingston. Livingston Karate has four world class, competition-proven champion black belt instructors in Karate and Judo. New classes for kids and adults are starting now with a Back to School special of 4 weeks of classes for $49 including a free uniform. Please contact at ray@livingstonkarate.com or 225-435-3022. More information and photos are available at livingstonkarate.com and on the Livingston Karate Facebook page.

USKA World Championships Tournament Results (left to right) Caption

Sensei Ray Effler (Black Belt Men) – 1st Kumite, 1st Kata, 2nd Weapons

Sensei Rebecca Effler (Black Belt Women) – Grand Champion in Kumite, 1st Kumite, 1st Ippon Kumite, 2nd Continuous Sparring, 4th Kata, 3rd Weapons, National Point Champion in Kumite, USKA National Black belt Team

Donald Effler (10-11 Novice) – 1st Kumite, 4th Kata, 3rd Team Fighting

Lily Effler (8-9 Intermediate) – 1st Kumite, 3rd Ippon Kumite, 2nd Team Kumite

Nathan Serigny (12-13 Advanced)- 4th Ippon Kumite

MacKenzie Boutwell (12-13 Advanced) – National Runner-Up Kumite Point Champion,1st Kumite, 1st Continuous Sparring, 1st Ippon Kumite, 1st Koshiki, 4th Team Fighting

Leena Kober (10-11 Advanced) – 5th Kata, 4th Kumite, 2nd Ippon Kumite, 2nd Continuous Sparring

Christina Kober (14-15 Advanced) – National Runner-Up Kumite Point Champion, Young Patriot Award, 5th Kata, 2nd Kumite, 3rd Ippon Kumite, 2nd Continuous Sparring, 1st in Team Kumite

Wade Bankston (8-9 Intermediate) – All American, National Point Champion in Kata and Kumite, 4th Continuous Sparring, 3rd Ippon Kumite

Kodie Carter (10-11 Intermediate) – National Point Champion in Kumite, 3rd Kumite, 2nd Chanbara, 4th Ippon Kumite, 2nd Musical Kata

Kade Carter (10-11 Novice) – All-American, National Point Champion in Kumite and Kata, 3rd Chanbara, 3rd Ippon Kumite, 4th Continuous Sparring, 1st Team Fighting

Joshua Boutwell (12-13 Intermediate) – All-American, National Point Champion in Kata and Kumite, 1st Continuous Sparring, 1st Team Kumite

Jacob Boutwell (16-17 Advanced) – All-American, USKA Junior National Team, National Point Champion in Kata and Kumite, 3rd Kata, 2nd Kumite, 3rd Weapons, 3rd Ippon Kumite, 1st Continuous Sparring, 2nd Koshiki, 1st Team Fighting

Rachel Kaiser (Adult Intermediate) – National Point Champion in Kumite, 1st Kumite

Jake Thompson (10-11 Advanced) – 3rd Kumite, 4th Weapons, 2nd Ippon Kumite

Gerard Keel (10-11 Advanced) – 5th Kata, 4th Ippon Kumite, 3rd Continuous Sparring, 2nd Koshiki, 4th Team Kumite

Micheal Brook (10-11 Advanced)-5th Kata, 5th Weapons, 2nd Ippon Kumite, 2nd Chanbara, 4th Continuous Sparring