OLD WK 7 Online Training, Beginner (White/Yellow/Orange)

Week of May 3, 2020


Our traditional blocks are developed with power in mind, and should be thrown with the intensity of a strike rather than a light parry. In fact, most of our blocks all have their origin in our striking techniques: Upper, Low, and Outside Blocks are all Hammer Fist Strikes, Double Knife Hand Blocks are Knife Hand Strikes on the front end, etc. With this in mind, just as our strikes are thrown from an exacting chambered position, travel along a specific route to the target, and end in an exact position, so should our blocks. The fold for each block is designed to generate maximum power, the blocking motion is designed to cover and protect as much of our body as is possible, and the end position ensures that the block has both fulfilled its purpose while also allowing us to stay balanced, in the fight, and ready to follow up immediately. Any inconsistency in the prescribed techniques will affect the integrity of the block and may leave us at a disadvantage. Performing the blocks correctly will injure the opponent’s limb and protect us, at the same time.”
–Sensei Ray


The best way to understand the following workouts is to attend our Online Training Classes on Tuesday and Thursday where you will be able to see an instructor perform and explain them.

Other Videos: There are many other instructional videos here at the Livingston Karate Website that you may wish to refer to. Check them out here: LIVINGSTON KARATE VISUAL TRAINING AIDES


No breaks!
  • 10x Jumping Jacks
    • 10x Rockets
    • 10x Cross Jacks
    • 10x Alpine Skiers
    • 20x Sit ups
    • 10x Flutter/Scissor Kicks
    • 30x each side Twitch Kicks


Remember to kiai on last technique of each set!
Multiple kicking techniques included within [brackets] should be thrown without setting the foot down.
Upper Block
Low Block
Inside Middle Block
Outside Middle Block
  • Ready Stance
    • 5x Each Side
      • Front Snap Kick
      • Back Kick
    • Side Fighting Stance
      • Side kick
      • Front Roundhouse
      • Back Hand, Reverse Punch
    • Front Stance (Videos Above)
      • 5x Each Side, Perfect Folds, Coverage, End Position
        • Upper Block
        • Low Block
        • Inside Middle Block
        • Outside Middle Block
  • 5x Each Side – Focus on hips & knees
    • Skip-In Side Kick, Back Hand, Reverse Punch
    • Skip-In Back Hand, , Reverse Punch, Spin Thrust Kick
  • 4x Forward & Backward
    • Upper Block, Front Snap Kick (Rear Leg in Place)
    • Front Snap Kick, Outside Middle Block, Straight Punch, Straight Punch
Back Stance – Inside Middle Block
  • 4x Forward & Backward
    • Inside Middle Block, Front Snap Kick
  • 4x Forward & Backward
    • Low Block, Straight Punch, Straight Punch

FORMS (Kata)

Do not attempt forms that you do not know. If you know part of a form, you may practice that part.

ONE-STEPS (Kumite)

  • On Your Striking Target: Light Contact Control, 2x each side, All One Steps you know
    • WHITE BELT (right-handed puncher)
    • YELLOW BELT (left-handed puncher)
    • ORANGE BELT (practice against both sides)
COOLDOWN (slow, deep breathing, fill up your lungs on each breath, in through nose, out through mouth throughout cooldown)
  • Side Leg Stretch, 2x each side
  • Peacock Stretch, 2x each side
  • Sitting Middle Stretch
    • Both hands to foot, 2x each side
    • Down to middle, 2x

Excellent work! Continuing your karate training at home means that when we get back into the dojo, you won’t be rusty, you’ll stay strong, and you’ll be closer to getting that next belt!