OLD WK 6 Online Training, Intermediate (Blue/Green/Purple)

Week of April 26, 2020


We will concentrate on using our hips and knees to provide more power and distance when striking with our arms and hands this week. When in a Side Stance, every strike with the rear arm should cause our rear hip to rotate forward toward the target as we push. When we follow up with the front arm, our front hip should rotate toward the target. This movement should become a natural part of our ‘push and pull’ as we move through our combination. To ensure good hip movement when punching, make sure that the knot of your belt is moving quite a bit from side to side. During this hip movement, our knees must be dynamic, ready to carry us into our target so that we don’t need to bend forward to make up distance, for added power, and to be ready to work the best possible angles.”
–Sensei Ray


The best way to understand the following workouts is to attend our Online Training Classes on Tuesday and Thursday where you will be able to see an instructor perform and explain them.

Other Videos: There are many other instructional videos here at the Livingston Karate Website that you may wish to refer to. Check them out here: LIVINGSTON KARATE VISUAL TRAINING AIDES


No breaks!
  • 10x Burpee
    • 20x Twist Sit Up
    • 10x M Russian Twist
    • 20x Twist Lunge*
    • 10x Rocket
    • 20x Pivoting Punch**
* Twist Lunge: Normal Lunge, but twist toward front leg each time you finish a forward step.
** Pivoting Punch: Start in a good Front Stance with a Straight Punch out over the rear leg, left fist on hip. Turn feet 45 degrees and bend the rear leg so that it becomes the front leg and straighten the front leg so that it becomes the rear leg. As soon as this transition is done, turn the hips hard into the new front direction and punch. Repeat to the other side with each count.


Remember to kiai on last technique of each set!
Multiple kicking techniques included within [brackets] should be thrown without setting the foot down.
  • 5x Each Side – Focus on hips & knees
    • Half Speed Reverse Punch (Close Fighting Stance*)
    • Reverse Punch (Close Fighting Stance*)
    • Double Reverse Punch (Close Fighting Stance*)
    • Side Kick, Back Hand, Reverse Punch
* Close Fighting Stance: Front arm chambered for Backhand and guarding face, rear fist on hip ready for Reverse Punch.
  • 5x Each Side – Focus on hips & knees
    • Rising Front Roundhouse, Backhand, Reverse Punch, Rising Roundhouse (End in close Fighting Stance)
    • Rising Front Roundhouse, Backhand, Reverse Punch, Rising Roundhouse, (Shift into Front Stance) Double Arm Middle Block*
    • [Roundhouse, Side Kick,] Lunge Punch, Double Reverse Punch
    • [Spin Thrust Kick, Front Roundhouse,] Lunge Punch, Double Reverse Punch, (Shift into Front Stance) Twin Fist
* Double Arm Middle Block: Fold both arms back similar to Double Knife Hand Block except both hands are fists with knuckles up, bring both arms around again similar to Double Knife Hand Block, turning them over. End position: Lead arm is an Inside Middle Block. Rear arm is on solar plexus like Double Knife Hand Block with fist pointing at and six to eight inches from lead elbow.
  • 5x Forward & Backward
    • Inside Middle Block, supported Spear Hand Thrust, horizontal Hammer Fist
  • 5x Forward & Backward
    • Upper Block, [Inverted Punch, Vertical Punch, Straight Punch]

FORMS (Kata)

Do not attempt forms that you do not know. If you know part of a form, you may practice that part.
  • 2x Kuk Mu 1
  • 1x Kuk Mu 3
  • 1x Kuk Mu 5
  • 2x Pyong An 1

ONE-STEPS (Kumite)

  • On Your Striking Target: Light Contact Control THEN Hard Contact Control, 5x each side
    • Step to outside of punch into Side Fighting Stance and perform a Knife Hand Strike to opponent’s punching wrist, Side Kick to rib cage (land in a Side Fighting Stance,Back Hand Strike to temple, Reverse Punch low into the rib cage, Reverse Punch high to the jaw [KIAI]
    • Spin Thrust Kick to solar plexus into Side Fighting Stance, [if necessary: Outside Middle Block to clear punch,] Back Hand Strike to temple, Reverse Punch to solar plexus, Knife Hand Strike to neck [KIAI]
    • Outside Crescent Kick to block punch away from opponent’s body, then while still on one leg, Spin Thrust Kick, from Side Fighting Stance perform Back Hand Strike to temple, Reverse Punch low into rib cage, Reverse Punch high into nose, Front Roundhouse Kick to side of head [KIAI]
COOLDOWN (slow, deep breathing, fill up your lungs on each breath, in through nose, out through mouth throughout cooldown)
  • Side Leg Stretch, 2x each side
  • Peacock Stretch, 2x each side
  • Sitting Middle Stretch
    • Both hands to foot, 2x each side
    • Down to middle, 2x

Excellent work! Continuing your karate training at home means that when we get back into the dojo, you won’t be rusty, you’ll stay strong, and you’ll be closer to getting that next belt!