Online Training


  • Little Samurai must have a parent/guardian/older sibling available to assist with their class.
  • Wear your uniform.
  • Have your video and audio ON, please.
  • Try to have the camera set up to capture your entire body.
  • Please have striking equipment (Bobby/Wavemaster/Heavy Bag/Kicking Shield) available, if at all possible. You can find these o Amazon, or make your own, with a little ingenuity.
  • Treat this like any class in the dojo:
    • Be on time.
    • Use your manners.
    • Remain in position after a count so that you are ready for the next count.
    • Remain in a ready position, if there are no other instructions.
    • Grunt, groan, kiai, and work hard to get better!
    • Don’t goof off, shift around, play with your uniform or belt, etc.
    • Stay focused.