Results of the 2016 Southern Open Tournament

Livingston Karate was pleased to bring the largest team at the 2016 Southern Open in Ponchatoula Louisiana! The competition was strong and our team did well, as always!

Jacob Boutwell: 1st in Sparring, 1st in Forms, 1st in Weapons
Joshua Boutwell: 1st in Team Sparring
Mackenzie Boutwell: 1st in Sparring, 3rd in Forms, 4th in Team Sparring
Christina Kober: 1st in Sparring (intermediate), 1st in Sparring (advanced), 1st in Forms (intermediate), 2nd in Forms (intermediate), 1st in Team Sparring
Leena Kober: 2nd in Sparring, 2nd in Forms, 3rd in Team Sparring
Donald Effler: 3rd in Sparring, 3rd in Forms
Lily Effler: 3rd in Sparring, 3rd in Forms