Results of the 2016 USKA Battle of the South

Livingston Karate co-hosted the USKA Battle of the South open-style karate tournament in August at Pelican Park in Mandeville, LA.  Livingston Karate had 23 students competing in kata (forms), kumite (fighting), weapons, and chanbara (sword fighting).  They claimed 19-1st place titles, 20-2nd place awards, 15-3rd place awards, and 4-4th place awards.  Also, two students, Jacob Boutwell and Wade Bankston came back with a triple crown!  First place in weapons, kata, and kumite!  It is rare and coveted achievement.  Sensei Ray and Becky are so proud of all competitors!

Livingston Karate trains students from the Livingston-Tangipahoa Parish area and is located in Park Place Plaza on Frost Road (Hwy 63) behind Family Dollar in Livingston.  Livingston Karate has four world class, competition-proven champion black belt instructors in Karate and Judo.  New classes for kids and adults are starting now.  We are also offer classes in Kenjutsu and Chanbara (sword training).  Please contact at or 225-435-3022.  More information and photos are available at and on the Livingston Karate Facebook page.



Battle of the South Competitors (Caption)

Front row (left to right): Nataleigh Mincin (3rd kumite), Donald Effler (3rd kata- 4th kumite), Matthew Scanlan (4th kata), Lily Effler (1st kata, 2nd kumite), Collin Sprouse (3rd kata, 4th kumite), Jake Thompson (3rd kata, 3rd kumite), Nathan Serigny (3rd kata, 4th Kumite), James Lopez (1st kata, 2nd kumite, 2nd weapons), Gerard Keel (3rd kata, 2nd weapons), Wade Bankston (1st kata, 1st kumite, 1st weapons, 3rd Chanbara), Mackenzie Scanlan (1st kumite), Mackenzie Boutwell (1st kumite, 2nd Chanbara), Leena Kober (2nd kata, 2nd kumite), Abagail Petho (1st kata)

Back row (left to right): Sensei Rebecca Effler (2nd kata, 1st kumite, 2nd weapons), Breana Petho (3rd kata, 1st kumite), Kodie Carter (2nd kata, 1st kumite), Kade Carter (1st kata), Jacob Boutwell (1st kata, 1st kumite, 1st weapons), Christina Kober (2nd kata, 1st kumite), Josh Boutwell (2nd kata, 1st kumite), Hyla Beachy (4th kata, 3rd kumite), Al Morara (2nd kata, 1st kumite), Sensei Ray Effler (2nd kata, 2nd Kumite, 3rd weapons)

Not Pictured:  Wyatt Beachy (2nd kumite), Rachel Kaiser (3rd kata, 1st kumite)