Results of the 2016 USKA National Championships

This spring Livingston Karate brought 9 competitors to the USKA National Championship in Denver, CO and came back with 6 National Championship titles, seven 2nd place awards, four 3rd place awards, and four 4th place awards.  Livingston Karate Team is ranked 2nd in the Nation and 1st in the state for the 2015-16 tournament season in the United States Karate Alliance out of 180 martial art schools of various styles.  Livingston Karate will be traveling with 11 competitors to Phoenix, AZ for the 2016 USKA World Championships.   Good luck to all competitors!


Livingston Karate also recently promoted its first student to the level of 1st class brown belt, Nathan Serigny, age 10.  Nathan has been with Livingston Karate since the doors opened nearly 5 years ago.  Nathan has 4.5 years experience in United States Karate Alliance tournament circuit and has won over 30 trophies, 30 medals, and is nationally and state ranked in the USKA.  His next belt he will be a youth black belt in Traditional Taekwondo (Korean Karate).  Youth and junior black belts in this system have the same knowledge and skill set as adults, but have not met the age of 17 required for an adult black belt.  “Nathan showcases loyalty, ability, and integrity to the world!  Livingston Karate been worth every mile driven, every class we sat through, and every demo showcasing our fighting style!  We are so very thankful for the great people to help Nathan along his journey, Sensei Ray and Becky Effler, the Livingston Karate Team, The Mandeville Karate Team and Instructors, Sensei Joe and Monique Dupaquier, Dr. David Jordan, the Chittim-Jordan Roll of Honor, the United States Karate Alliance, and the United States Karate Alliance Hall of Fame Inductees.  Without these elite competitors, none of this would be possible!”…Greg Serigny.


Livingston Karate currently trains many students from the Livingston-Tangipahoa area and has outgrown its Florida Blvd. location and moved to Park Place Plaza on Frost Road (Hwy 63) behind Family Dollar in Livingston.  The new 3400 sq. ft. training facility has a 1550 sq. ft. 2-inch thick matted floor with a state of the art sprung sub-floor!  This flooring system provides students with the safest, most realistic training surface available and makes the Livingston Karate facility one of the best in the nation.  Livingston Karate has four world class, competition-proven champion black belt instructors in Karate and Judo.  We are also now offering classes in Kenjutsu and Chanbara (sword training).  Please contact at or 225-435-3022.  More information and photos are available at and on the Livingston Karate Facebook page.


Picture Captions


Rebecca Effler (2nd Degree black belt instructor) won two fighting national titles in Ippon Kumite (one point sparring) and Kumite (sparring) and 3rd in Kata (forms) and 4th in Weapons.


Hyla Beachy (3rd class brown belt-left) placed 2nd in Ippon Kumite and 4th in Kumite.  Wyatt Beachy (3rd class brown belt-right) placed 3rd in Kumite.


MacKenzie Boutwell (3rd class brown -left) placed 4th in Kata and 2nd in all fighting divisions Kumite, Ippon Kumite, and Koshiki.  Jacob Boutwell (2nd class brown belt-center) placed 1st in Koshiki (semi-continuous full-contact fighting), 2nd in Weapons and 4th in Ippon Kumite.  Joshua Boutwell (purple belt-right) placed 2nd in Kumite.


Jake Thompson (2nd class brown belt) placed 1st in Ippon Kumite and 3rd in Kumite fighting divisions.


Kodie Carter (orange belt-left) placed 1st in two fighting divisions, Ippon Kumite and Kumite.  Kade Carter (orange belt-right) placed 2nd in Ippon Kumite and 3rd in Kumite.


Nathan Serigny is the first student at Livingston Karate to be promoted to the level of 1st class brown belt.