Results of the 2016 USKA World Championships

Livingston Karate brought 11 competitors to 2016 United States Karate Alliance World Championships at the Arizona Grand Resort in Phoenix, AZ and came back with 18 World Championship titles, nine 2nd place awards, seven 3rd place awards, and six 4th place awards.  Students competed in traditional divisions such as kumite (5-point sparring), kata (traditional forms), weapons (traditional weapon forms), and Chanbara (sword fighting) as well as additional divisions only available at National and World tournaments Continuous Sparring (two 30 sec matches), Ippon (1-point sparring – must have unanimous vote on point for match), Koshiki (semi-full contact sparring), Musical Kata, and Team Fighting.

At the awards banquet, 25 Livingston karate students were nationally recognized as a top ten competitor in their division.  Six students were recognized as National Kumite Point Champions, two of which earned an All-American Patch (ranked first in both kata and kumite).  Livingston Karate Team is ranked 2nd in the Nation and 1st in both Louisiana and Texas State for the 2015-16 United States Karate Alliance tournament season out of 180 martial art schools of various styles.

Phoenix was special location for the USKA World Championships this year because the United States Karate Association (the first karate organization) started there in 1948.  Livingston Karate can trace its lineage back to the martial artists who were instrumental in getting the first Karate organization started in the United States.  Livingston Karate students learned a lot about the history of their organization, competed with elite schools from the region and across the US, and had amazing international competitors from kung-fu schools in Chile and Argentina.  Livingston Karate students competed with the best students in the world and everyone who went placed!  Sensei Ray and Becky are so proud of all the competitors!

Livingston Karate competitors and their families drove to Phoenix.  It provided the Louisiana kids eye opening experiences to see parts of the Sonaran Desert, rock formations and mesas, and the Saguaro Cactus.  Some saw great bat emergences from the caves in New Mexico.  Some even visited the Grand Canyon.  They also learned shoes are a must at all times because desert-baked concrete is very hot, even at the on-site waterpark! They also learned that it can even be 101 degrees at 11pm!  The kids had a great time, especially seeing Sensei Ray and Becky go down the water slide.

Livingston Karate trains students from the Livingston-Tangipahoa Parish area and is located in Park Place Plaza on Frost Road (Hwy 63) behind Family Dollar in Livingston.  Livingston Karate has four world class, competition-proven champion black belt instructors in Karate and Judo.  New classes for kids and adults are starting now.  We are also offer classes in Kenjutsu and Chanbara (sword training).  Please contact at or 225-435-3022.  More information and photos are available at and on the Livingston Karate Facebook page.