What We Do At Livingston Karate

We teach Leadership, Success, and Self-Discipline along with Self-Defense. Yes, our students learn to block, punch, kick, throw, and grapple. We travel to tournaments and do very well because we take our training seriously, and, while the physical aspect of our curriculumĀ is important to us, there are so many more aspects to our program that are simply priceless.

Our Children’s Program creates young leaders who are confident, focused, and disciplined. Our goal is to build productive individuals who take responsibility for their outcomes and who are driven to succeed; people who can quickly identify bad decisions and understand the repercussions of their actions.

Sure, we all want our children to win trophies, be able to stand up to bullies, and to be able to defend themselves, if need be, and Livingston Karate will deliver that, guaranteed. But, what we really want are well-mannered, responsible children who make good decisions, stay away from drugs, and take their education and their future seriously. As parents ourselves, this is what we are most proud to offer you at Livingston Karate.

Adults! We offer you serious training in serious martial arts. Our classes will WAKE YOU UP, add excitement to your life, and help you focus and lose weight as you learn all aspects of unarmed combat!