One Step Lists

To perform a proper One-Step combination:

  • Time your first technique (strike OR block) to land just before the opponent’s fist would strike you.
  • Maintain good posture (back straight, chin up) even when striking down at a bent opponent–use your knees to get your body down there.
  • Strikes should be targeted conscientiously and should come as close as possible to your partner without striking them (blocks may touch the arm and strikes to the body may touch the gi).
  • Techniques should be thrown as hard and fast as possible, and you must breathe out on every technique.
  • One-Step combinations must end with a LOUD kiai and you must hold a strong defensive posture for a few seconds afterward to show your balance and control over your body and the techniques.

One Steps Required for All Ranks Under Black Belt


One Steps Required for Level One Black Belt